Parallel successfully works in the oil market since 1995. The authorized capital of Parallel-M Ltd company controls Parallel Nafta LTD, a subsidiary of the company System Capital Management. Today, Parallel is a network of 43 filling stations under the "Parallel" brand in Ukraine, modern fleet of fuel trucks. The company is the official fuel supplier of the brand Perfekt, cooperates with more than 700 gas stations-partners in Ukraine.

As of March 2017 Parallels fuel is sold by 61 filling stations and gas stations:

Multifunction filling complexes operating under Parallel brand - 44
Multifunction filling complexes operating under Parallel brand (Donbassnefteprodukt) - 7
Multifunction filling complexes operating under Parallel brand (Neftepromtorg) - 2
Filling stations under Gefest brand 1
No-name filling stations - 7
Mini-markets 44
Rollover car wash 4
Static Test Lab 1
Mobile test lab - 3

The company Parallel offers its customers a new generation of fuel 92 Perfekt, Perfekt 95, Perfekt 98, Perfekt Diesel. Fuel Perfekt was developed in collaboration with German chemical concern BASF AG and meets European standards EN 228: 2013, EN590: 2014, EC directives 98/70 / EC and 2003/17 / EC.

The company Parallel is a large wholesale supplier of petroleum products with great experience and a good reputation. The company Parallel offers all the main types of light and dark oil products and lubricants from leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

Parallel pursues the goal of becoming a strong national network of modern filling stations offering a full gamut of quality services for motorists. To attain it, the company continually expands its filling stations chain and cements positions of its brands in the domestic market.